Recovery Exercises after Torn Meniscus Surgery

The best way to move back to life once again after undergoing surgery in your knees to correct excruciating pain and swelling problems is to perfectly carry out meniscus tear surgery recovery exercises. These exercises need to be done in full spirits and in the correct manner in order to aid in speedy recovery and to get back to your feet very soon.

First Set Of Exercises
Physical therapy exercises are the first thing that is suggested by doctors to their patients who have undergone knee arthroscopic surgery to correct meniscus tear. With good exercise regime, you will be able to get rid of moving with the help of clutches very soon.
Meniscus Tear Surgery Recovery Exercises
• You need to first think of quadriceps exercise that will help in bringing coordination and balance to your knees. If you are suffering from back problems, then the best suggested position to do quads exercise is in a sitting position. You need to press your knee down on a table or a floor and keep it there for about 5 to 6 seconds. Getting suitable knee brace would be good as you’ll need to repeat these exercises for about 10 to 15 times for both the legs, and to do it regularly.
• The next recovery exercises after meniscus transplant/surgery is the leg straightening exercise wherein you will be needed to keep your ankle bent in a 90º position and your knee as straight as possible. You need to do this on the floor and the entire leg and the thigh need to be lifted from the floor to about one and a half feet and to be held in this position in the air for about 6 to 7 seconds. This has to be repeated for both the legs ten to fifteen times in a day for two to three sets.

Next Set Of Exercises
• Cycling exercise or doing cycling exercise in stationary position is the next best exerciser that you can try out to bring strength and better mobility to your knee area.
• The next meniscus tear surgery recovery exercises are to flex your knees by lying face down on the floor. You need to raise and lower your foot slowly to the table on which your leg is rested. As you gain strength in your knees, you can use weights to build more strength to your knees.

Recovery Exercises after Torn Meniscus Surgery
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