Knee Injuries Meniscus Tear Treatment

What is the right Knee Injuries and Meniscus Tear Treatment ?
Treatment of injured knee and meniscus tear needs to be done according to the condition of the injury. If the injury is mild, then taking enough rest and limiting your movement, so that unnecessary pressure is not applied on the knees, will do a lot to heal your injured knees. You may ask the physician for some painkillers to get some relieve from the pain in your knees. Applying cold compress or ice directly on your knees is also a good way to treat meniscus injury.

Supporting you injured knees with braces is a proven way to heal your knee meniscus injury. The braces not only heal the injured knees but also reduce the pain associated with it. But if the injury is severe you need to undergo a knee surgery for complete cure. But as it is always said prevention is better than cure, by exercising a lot you can prevent your knees from injury. Still if the injury happens consult your physician immediately for the correct knee injury meniscus treatment.

It is very important that Knee injuries and Meniscus Tear treatment is attended to properly as it could seriously affects on movements and mobility at later stage.

There are three levels of meniscus injury
If you experience a mild pain and a little swelling in your knees, you must know that there is a Mild Tear in your meniscus, but if the pain and the swelling tends to increase making some of your activities like walking difficult, then it is eminent that you are having a Moderate Tear. If the pain becomes unbearable and you cannot even stand up on your feet, this means there is a Severe Tear in the meniscus of your knees and you need to undergo a treatment immediately.

The meniscus acts as a cushion for the joints of the knee. It helps the knee joint to bear the entire body weight by distributing the weight proportionately to all parts of the body. Any injury to the meniscus can create a lot of knee problems resulting in acute pain. Any injury to the meniscus, if not treated correctly and timely, may lead to tearing of the meniscus that will hamper the even distribution of the weight to various parts of the body, and the knee joints will start weakening due to excess weight upon them.

Symptoms of meniscus injury

  • Swollen, stiff and painful knees, causing a lot of trouble while you are on the move
  • Clicking or popping noises can be heard when you try to move your knees
  • You might be unable to stand up on your feet if your meniscus is severely damaged

These are the symptoms that are critical enough to take you to your physician who will undergo some clinical test before starting your knee injury meniscus treatment.

Knee Injuries Meniscus Tear Treatment
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