Meniscus Transplant Cost

How Much Does Meniscus Transplant Cost?
The Treatments Available For Meniscus Repair
Meniscus transplant cost depends on various factors. Damages to the meniscus result in severe pain and there are different methods of treatments like meniscus transplant available for this.  The treatment of torn meniscus depends on the severity of the problem . Torn meniscus is also a common problem for athletes . Meniscus transplant is usually performed when the meniscus is completely removed. In some people meniscus cannot be repaired and hence complete removal of the meniscus and transplant will be the only option. This is arthroscopic surgery. For the surgery, the donor tissue should be collected from cadavers or from tissue banks.

The meniscus transplant cost will depend on from where you are undergoing the surgery and who is performing the surgery. It is necessary that orthopedic surgeons perform the procedures of meniscus transplant to ensure the success of the surgery. It is necessary that the surgeon is certified by the National Board of Orthopedic Surgeons Association from their respective countries. After the surgery the recovery or rehabilitation period may vary from a few weeks to months.

The Cost Of Meniscus Transplant Surgery
The meniscus transplant surgery cost depends on the severity of the damage to the meniscus, the damage to the cartilage due to friction caused by the absence of cushioning by meniscus and the particular procedure used for the transplant. The average meniscus transplant cost in the United States varies from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the surgical approach, hospitalization period, the fee of the surgeon and the geographical location from where the surgery is done.

The cost of meniscus transplant is comparatively low in some international destinations like India. The person  will be able to save thousands of dollars if they opt to travel to India for their meniscus transplant surgery. The cost of the meniscus transplantation in India ranges from $4000 to $8000. This cost includes the surgery cost as well as the hospitalization costs. You can compare the cost in different international destinations and select the one which is more convenient to you. In general, the success rate for such meniscus surgery is high, it is possible to get back 90 % mobility of your knee after the meniscus transplant surgery. Like all the other surgeries this also has certain risks attached to it.

Meniscus Transplant Cost
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