Meniscus Transplant Surgery

Meniscus Transplant Surgery is very common for meniscus repair problem. Meniscus repair is a type of orthopedic surgery that is performed to repair the damages caused on meniscus cartilage in the knee. It is a cartilage piece that separates two disks and is a shock absorber that helps in giving strength, co-ordination as well as help in distributing the body weight evenly on the knee joint.

Surgical Repair of Meniscus
In some cases surgery is the only option to repair a damaged or torn meniscus and the severity of the injury will determine the treatment for meniscus as well as the meniscus transplant cost. The most common surgery performed to rectify meniscus tear is arthroscopic surgery.

  • There are times when the blood supply gets damaged and an arthroscopic surgery would be needed to remove the torn section of the meniscus.
  • An arthroscope or a small camera which is in the size of a small pencil is inserted through the incision made in the knee joint.
  • The interior portion of the knee joint can be easily viewed with the help of the camera and the surgeon will be able to watch on the monitor the fixing and removing of the torn cartilage in the knee.

The actual cost meniscus transplant surgery will depend on the type of surgery performed on the knee joint as well as the severity of the medical condition of the knee. If there is persistent pain or bone friction seen in the knee joint and if the meniscus cannot be repaired, then the surgeons go for a meniscal transplant and it is mostly performed on patients who are under 55 years of age and are active physically.

Transplant Cost
The severity of the injury or the amount of tear and damage that the meniscus suffers will be the telling factor in determining the cost of the surgery or transplant. The amount of cartilage removed from the knee or the cushioning that is provided in the knee joints will also be a telling factor in fixing the meniscus surgery and transplant cost. Normally,  meniscus transplant surgery cost would range between $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the geographic location, the risk involved in the transplant, surgeon’s fees, hospitalization costs and so on.

Meniscus Transplant Surgery
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