Home Treatment for Meniscus Tear

Home treatment for meniscus tear can give relief from the swelling and pains caused by this problem. Here are simple tips that will help you to know about home treatment for meniscus tear.
Take rest and reduce activities: It is highly needed for a patient of meniscus tear to take rest. If you are affected by meniscus tear you should definitely give rest to your knee joint. You should also reduce your activities, particularly those activities that put strain and pressure to the knee joints.

Avoid positions and motions that increase the pain : You should also avoid such positions and motions that only aggravate the pain and swelling. However, your doctor may recommend you a knee brace or a crutch depending on the severity of your pain and injury.

Apply Cold pack or ice pack : You can also apply cold pack or ice pack on your affected knee for about 10 minutes or 20 minutes. If you can apply this ice pack every, one to two hours, continuously for three days, then you will definitely find some relief. This cold pack also helps to reduce swelling. However, when you are applying ice pack, try to put a thin piece of cloth in between your skin and the ice pack.

Exercise: Elevate your affected knee to a position that is higher than your heart. However, you should consult with any professional before doing this. When the discomfort is high and the pains and swelling are really at their worse conditions, it is always advisable to consult with your doctor.

Take NSAIDs : You can take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs to reduce pain and swelling. Some of the common over-the-counter medications include naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin. However, it is strictly advisable that you should consult with your doctor or at least any healthcare professionals before taking these NSAIDs. And children and teenagers should avoid these medications, particularly aspirin, as it increases the risks of Reye syndrome. It is a complication of the central nervous system affecting teenagers and children by aspirin.
non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Stick to your doctor’s instructions : You should strictly follow all the rehabilitation and recovery instructions given by your doctor. This will help you to get rid of the problem at the earliest.
In cases where the meniscus tear is minor and symptoms go away quickly, doctors generally recommend sets of exercises for building up the hamstring and quadriceps muscles of the patients. These exercises also help to increase strength and flexibility of your muscles around the knee joints. Thus it is a necessity that you should follow the guidance of your doctor in order to avoid any repeated or new injury.
home treatment for meniscus tear
It has been seen that lack or irregularity of recovery approaches lead to a repeated meniscus tear problem to many patients. So, it is needed that you should follow the instructions of home treatment for meniscus tear regularly to avoid further discomfort or limitations in your daily lifestyle. Follow all the instructions of your doctor and remain meniscus tear free!

Home Treatment for Meniscus Tear
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