Meniscus Treatment and Recovery

Meniscus treatment and its recovery process often depends on the severity, and underlying illness, if any, within the joints of the knee. Sometimes circumstances of patients also affect the treatment procedures of meniscus. Recovery options also depend on the treatment options of meniscus. It can be said that meniscus treatment and recovery procedures are co-related.

There are some meniscus tears which can be treated typically with anti-inflammatory medications. These are non-surgical processes and rehabilitation processes have major roles in these conservative meniscus tears process. The recovery options are to strengthen all muscles around the knee. This will in turn, helps your knee to prevent any type of joint instability. You also need to maintain an ideal body weight so that your knee joints get less stress. Orthotics is found helpful for distributing all forces that are generated by running and walking.

However, those patients who have demanding works or are in athletics often opt for surgical process. Failure of conservative therapies also demands surgical treatment for meniscus. Immediate surgery gives quicker relief from this knee problem. Thus the treatment options of meniscus totally depend upon the circumstances and needs of individuals.

Many orthopedic surgeons opt for knee arthroscopy that will allow them to assess the tear occurs within the meniscus. Proper assessment is needed to repair the tears faster. Repairing options generally include trimming the torn areas, sewing the edges (torn) together, and smoothing the injury areas.

In cases where meniscus is torn due to injuries initial therapies are prescribed which includes RICE or ‘rest, ice, compression, and elevation’. These therapies are proved useful and ease inflammation caused by a torn meniscus. To give relief from inflammation and pains, sometimes anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen. However, it is always advisable that you should not take any over-the-counter medications without doctor’s consent as this may cause some severe side effects or ill effects. If you are in a situation where you cannot contact with your doctor, you should ask any pharmacist or a healthcare professional about which medication should you use.
Meniscus Treatment
However, in older patients for torn meniscus treatment without surgery options can be longer. Muscle training and exercising are highly advisable for maintaining range of motions . Knee brace for meniscus tear is useful in protecting joints. Anti-inflammatory medications are also prescribed to decrease pain and swelling.

Cortisone injections are to give temporary relief from pain and inflammation, and this injection is often prescribed to the degenerative cases. You may get relief for one month or a few weeks from the pain and inflammation of meniscus by this injection.

The recovery options of meniscus include those exercises and stretching that ensure the muscles surround you knee are strong so that they provide stability to the joints. You should also avoid activities that include strenuous movements or give too much stress on your knee joints.

So, if you are suffering from torn meniscus, try to follow the right treatment options and the proper meniscus rehab and exercises to get rid out of this problem faster.

Meniscus Treatment and Recovery
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