Meniscus Transplant Success Rate

What Is The Expected Meniscus Transplant Success Rate?
How Is Meniscus Transplant Done?
It is necessary to know the Meniscus transplant success rate before planning such a transplant surgery for knee and meniscus.  This minimally invasive surgery is done in patients whose meniscus tears are irreparable and the meniscus has to be removed.  Before the surgery x-rays of the knee are taken to find the suitable meniscus for your knee. The new meniscus taken from cadavers is prepared to fit the knee of the patient.  The new meniscus is inserted to the knee through a small incision made in the front part of the knee. The new meniscus is kept in position using sutures. After the surgery the incisions are closed and a dressing is applied. This surgery is done in patients who are less than 50 years of age.

Success Of Meniscus Transplant
The meniscus transplant success rate in patients depends on the age of the patient and the experience of the surgeon doing the transplant and the availability of suitable transplant. The usual success rate is about 80 to 90 %.  The expected complication rate for this surgery is 1.3 %.  The common complications expected are injuries to the nerves and skin. These injuries are resolved usually within three months. It is necessary to select a surgical team who is well experienced in this transplant to avoid the risk and to have a better success rate.   The risk of infections can be reduced by giving preventive antibiotic injections prior to transplant surgery.
Meniscus Transplant Success Rate
It is necessary to optimize the condition of the patient before the meniscus transplant surgery to ensure better meniscus transplant success rate. In the week after the surgery it is necessary to have someone to help the patient at home. If the patient is a smoker it will be better to stop smoking prior to surgery to reduce the chances of infection and promote quick healing. It will take at least three to four months for the patient to return to activities which require straining. Normal day to day activities can be regained within one or two weeks after the surgery. Physical therapy and suitable rehabilitation exercises can help in speeding up the recovery.

Meniscus Transplant Success Rate
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