Meniscus Tear Knee Symptoms and Treatment

Do you want to know about meniscus tear knee symptoms and treatment ? This article will give you an idea of Meniscus tear knee symptoms and treatment.
Inflammatory response with swelling and pain is a common factor with any type of injury, and the same is also applicable with a meniscus tear. You may feel acute pain and can hear your knee popping. Within a few hours swelling can develop within your knee joints when there is a torn meniscus. You may find it difficult to move your knee and this discomfort depends on the amount of fluids. However, sometimes the swelling is not noticed by the patients. Even, sometimes at initial stage of the injury a patient is not aware of it, and begins to complain when the symptoms develop later.

The knee joints tend to settle down and you may feel relatively better after an injury. This happens when the initial inflammatory responses resolve. But other symptoms can develop and some of the common symptoms are :-

  • Feeling of pain while walking long distances or running
  • Popping particularly when climbing down or up stairs
  • You may find intermittent swelling of the joints of knee. Sometimes, patients feel a tight feeling in their knees. SOme common causes could be knee injuries during sports activities.
  • Buckling or giving way. This is a sensation that makes you feel that your knee is not stable, and may give way. In lesser cases, it had been found patients fell down as buckling.
  • You may also feel locking in your knee. It is a mechanical block, and knees cannot be straightened or extended fully due to locking. This condition mostly happens when any piece of the torn meniscus gets fold on itself, and then causes blocking of the motion of knee joints.

Treatment of Torn Meniscus :-
Treatment of torn meniscus typically depends on the severity of the condition, its location, and underlying disease, if any, within the knee joints. Circumstances of the patients also affect the treatment options of meniscus tear knee.

Basically there are two major types of treatments for meniscus tear :-

However, patients who are related to athletics or whose works are really demanding, generally go for the surgical ways. It mostly depends on the needs of individuals.
meniscus tear knee symptoms and treatment
Initial therapies are given to the patients of the meniscus tear knee and some of the most common therapies include ice, rest, elevation, and compression. Sometimes anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen are also given. Some patients go for the over-the-counter medications. But you should not go for these over-the-counter medications without consulting your doctor.

After treatment it is a necessity that you should follow strictly all the recovery options given by your doctor. You should take proper rest and exercise to prevent any further injures. You should maintain regularity in your recovery approach routine.

Meniscus Tear Knee Symptoms and Treatment
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