Meniscus Cartilage Replacement Options and Costs

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*Understanding the complexities of the knee could help to obtain brief insight into meniscus cartilage replacement options and cost involve in treating torn meniscus, and meniscus transplant surgical operation*
The knee joint consists of the femur (thigh bone), tibia (shin bone), and the patella (knee cap) as the bone components. The tibia and femur are capped by a soft tissue of articular cartilage, and in between these two rests the C-shaped meniscus, acting as a cushion of cartilage for smooth articulation of the bones. The meniscal cartilage is hard and rubbery for the purpose of providing stability and shock-absorption to the knee joint. In case of injury or damage to the meniscus, the articular cartilage covering the thigh bone and shin bone may start to wear out and cause acute pain and discomfort during movement of the knee.

Meniscus Cartilage Damage
There may be various reasons for knee damage due to tear or damage to the meniscus and even due to age. As the meniscus is not supplied with any blood circulation, any damage caused due to age or injury, it is unable to repair the damage on its own unlike many other organs or tissues of the body. Trauma to the meniscus can take place when the knee is twisted or turned rapidly, while the knee is in the bent position. It may also get torn due to lifting heavy weights or athletic activity, sports or due to wearing off as a reason of aging. Meniscus tears can be minor, moderate, or severe.

Meniscus Cartilage Replacement Options
Surgery for meniscus cartilage replacement is dictated by many terms and conditions. If the tear is on the outer edge of the tissue, it gets repaired more easily due to adequate blood circulation and can be sutured readily. Success rate in these cases is much higher. If the tear is in the inner portion of the meniscus and the torn pieces move in the space, then partial meniscectomy needs to be resorted to, in which the torn bits are removed and the main part out of which the tear has resulted, is smoothed out. The best form of surgery preferred by most patients and orthopedic surgeons is arthroscopy. In this procedure, small incisions are made in the knee in which a tube is inserted containing some light and camera. Surgical instruments are also inserted using other incisions and tears are sewn. In badly damaged meniscus, open knee surgery is the advisable option.
Meniscus Cartilage Replacement Options
Meniscus Cartilage Replacement Cost
Cost of meniscus cartilage replacement surgery in the United States is very high. At current moment, average national minimum cost is $4,700 at Plattsburgh, NY and maximum could be $31,600 at Ketchikan, AK ; the overall national average is $11,900. On the other side, the cost of meniscus transplant could varies, depending on the complexity. However, in India and Mexico, the cost of meniscus surgery is about one-third of that. This does not mean that the quality of treatment is not good or sub-standard in these countries. They provide the best surgeons of the world and are equipped with world-class healthcare systems that provide superlative torn meniscus repair and surgery. In addition, the best part is that there is no waiting period for the surgery and it is performed at the convenience of the patient.